A slice in the angle of light

Design lead—All the angles in this complex meeting point of rooflines was a good challenge for the Sandlings’ team.

What is see on the outside continues inside where light and shade highlight and obscure the forms through the day.

Since when was a house ever finished? Until we learn to build places for no one but ourselves out of re-usable components the next owner can recompose, we will continue to adapt, alter, and expand from a core as our needs change.

College Green, is a small development of newer houses in Old Felixstowe, providing scope for change as ideas of how we use space change.

In this case, the project began by looking not at how the building sits in the plot, but at the whole site as a continuous living space. What is seen is experienced.

While on the surface this is an extension of the living rooms of the house, its effect is to lengthen with light far beyond. Visually, it draws out the rooms to the terrace, garden and to its perimeter. Wherever you stand, the light invites you to consider the whole.

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