Who We Are

Experts in Real Estate.
Specialists in the tangible.
Property professionals.

We love real estate. The tangible nature of property is what we love, whether that be the creation of new homes, the provision of workspaces, or care of existing buildings.

Sandlings is a property developer at heart, but we also manage a portfolio of both commercial and residential properties.

Working throughout East Anglia, we are open to any opportunities in real estate. Our bread and butter is developing land and creating new homes, but we also manage a portfolio of both commercial and residential properties.

With skills in project management and financial investment, we think we are a strong partner for anyone in the real estate industry. We like to work with landowners, with architects, with homebuyers – all to create our shared vision of beautiful properties.

What are we looking for?

Sandlings commitment to every project begins early on, so if you have something you might need our help with, please get in touch.

We want to know if you are working with (or are) a client whose project has come to a stand-still, whether that be because of a lack of funding, a challenging build, or anything else that is stopping progress.

How can we help?

Joint Ventures – We have cash that can help clients secure the necessary funding for their projects, even if they don’t have the immediate means.

Cost Assessments – Our unique position in One Group Construction enables us to provide quick and accurate project cost assessments.

Retained Architects – If you bring us a client, we will always retain you as an architect / designer throughout the project.

The company we keep

Although it is a young company, Sandlings was born out of a much older one, and raised in a bigger group of construction companies.

Being part of a group provides stability and financial resourcing, but the value of the relationship to Sandlings goes further. The breadth and depth of experience within the group makes projects run more smoothly, giving more confidence in our advice and guidance at every stage of a project, from initial idea to completion.

The One Group Construction family includes companies in civil engineering, construction, renewable energy, plant hire, asphalt surfacing, freight and logistics, and support services.

Its subsidiaries work across government frameworks, private sector tenders and in domestic contracts.

One Group is not a remote holding company; it is an active, privately held business that provides inspiration and direction as well as the confidence of financial backing to its companies.

One Group profile:

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The key thing in a build is the strength of the idea.

Your idea.

For great ideas are easily sold and more strongly supported by everyone involved. 

They are the foundation. 

We all build on great ideas. 

Make the abstract concrete

We live to make living spaces come alive, to make workplaces work better, and to make public buildings unite their communities.

As an idea-building-company, we see every project as an opportunity to realise your ambition, however grand the plan or bold the design.

That is our measure of success.

A history of building aspirations

A bit like film-making, there are so many very different talents and personalities involved in building projects it’s something near a miracle things ever get made at all.

What matters most is how well the team is chosen and how committed to the success of the project each member of the team proves to be.

It is demonstrated not only in the quality of the work produced at every stage (visible or otherwise) of the build, but also in a willingness to be flexible, to innovate on site and to do what’s right.

Make someone happy

A motivated team makes a big difference not just to the outcome, but the whole job. 

It’s in the contract of course, but more so in the relationship that develops between sponsor, architect, building contractor and sub-contractors which always shape the progress of the build. 

Quite apart from sticking to the schedule, a happy team can carry a project along with a lively kind of professionalism that makes everything work better for all.

Everyone on the team is committed to your project

"I’d like to say a massive thank you, for all your efforts on the project which has to have been one of the easiest I have had the pleasure of working on."
M S - Ipswich
“Lee dealt with our neighbours objections very well, to the point where we were actually getting compliments, particularly on the quality, on some of the contentious issues of the build.”
G A-M - Felixstowe
"I was worried about engaging a builder for my house extension as I had heard many stories from my friends. After several recommendations we went with SEH French Building (now Sandlings) and we are very happy with that choice."
P N - Woodbridge
"Bob is very easy to work with and helped keep the project, including us, on target. We are very pleased with our home and wish them every success in the future."
P N - Woodbridge
"Our building now has solar resistant glass, double glazing, proper insulation and carefully considered fire breaks within the new smart outside cladding. It is as if our school has a beautiful new overcoat, and now we feel the outside of the building matches the inside"
J S - Bildeston
"Having worked on the design and fund raising for our village hall for many years, we were excited about finally getting to the building stage. Even though we were on a tight budget, you worked with us to find the best answer we could afford which made my life much easier."
B B - Ipswich
"The refurbishment of our accommodation block in Ipswich was completed in good time and within budget. The working relationship developed by Bob and his team was a key part of the success of the project."
D F - Ipswich
“We are specialists in environmental, ‘deep green’ architecture, so we need to make sure contractors are following those values and doing their best to make it as environmentally friendly as possible throughout the construction.”
M B - Modece Architects
“Commitment from everyone at Sandlings is always there… they give their all to the project.”
R A - Suffolk