Founding principles

It’s one thing to pick up the technical skills for the build, but acquiring the right attitude makes everything work a lot better.


It’s important to us that everyone on site and on the team shares a sense of purpose and a genuine desire to make every job the best it can be.

You find it expressed through care in every part of every project, from the unseen to the unmistakable.


‘Surprisingly user-friendly’ is something clients have said about Sandlings people.

What it really means is that we take an approach that is both practical and client-focused. Our aim is to make the project as painless as possible. We do that by keeping up good communication with everyone involved and keeping sight of the team’s needs.


It might not really be possible to have a wholly successful build without commitment from all parties in the project.

Hitting the targets on the budget and the end date matter of course, but there are many more day-to-day promises that need to be made and honoured if the experience of the project is to be a good one.

Delivery is the measure of how much the company has earned your trust.

Anything is possible for Sandlings’ Property & Developments Manager

Nothing delights Will Neall more than a challenging project

"I’d like to say a massive thank you, for all your efforts on the project which has to have been one of the easiest I have had the pleasure of working on."
M S - Ipswich
“Lee dealt with our neighbours objections very well, to the point where we were actually getting compliments, particularly on the quality, on some of the contentious issues of the build.”
G A-M - Felixstowe
"I was worried about engaging a builder for my house extension as I had heard many stories from my friends. After several recommendations we went with SEH French Building (now Sandlings) and we are very happy with that choice."
P N - Woodbridge
"Bob is very easy to work with and helped keep the project, including us, on target. We are very pleased with our home and wish them every success in the future."
P N - Woodbridge
"Our building now has solar resistant glass, double glazing, proper insulation and carefully considered fire breaks within the new smart outside cladding. It is as if our school has a beautiful new overcoat, and now we feel the outside of the building matches the inside"
J S - Bildeston
"Having worked on the design and fund raising for our village hall for many years, we were excited about finally getting to the building stage. Even though we were on a tight budget, you worked with us to find the best answer we could afford which made my life much easier."
B B - Ipswich
"The refurbishment of our accommodation block in Ipswich was completed in good time and within budget. The working relationship developed by Bob and his team was a key part of the success of the project."
D F - Ipswich
“We are specialists in environmental, ‘deep green’ architecture, so we need to make sure contractors are following those values and doing their best to make it as environmentally friendly as possible throughout the construction.”
M B - Modece Architects
“Commitment from everyone at Sandlings is always there… they give their all to the project.”
R A - Suffolk