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We're part of One Group Construction.

One Group Construction is a privately owned group with 9 different companies offering complete construction capability.

More than a mere holding company, One Group Construction is involved with all the companies in the group. It's primary role is to provide inspiration and direction as well as the confidence of financial backing.

The group's companies have the freedom to act independently, but being part of a group gives them the advantages of shared experiences, common aspirations and a supportive cutlure.

Between us and the Group, we’re equipped to tackle just about anything.

The Group.

One Group Construction includes nine different companies offering services such as civil engineering, building construction, renewable energy solutions, plant hire, asphalt surfacing, and construction support services.

Subsidiaries work for government departments, fellow private sector organisations as well as directly with the general public through our retail businesses.






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What people say about us...

"Our building now has solar resistant glass, double glazing, proper insulation and carefully considered fire breaks within the new smart outside cladding. It is as if our school has a beautiful new overcoat, and now we feel the outside of the building matches the inside, which has always been welcoming with wonderful displays."

JS - Bildeston
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