Mark Adamson

Site Manager

Why is Sandlings a good choice for the more unusual designs?

I’ve worked with Bob Page in the past on these kinds of projects and I think we’re well suited to it—it’s certainly the aim at Sandlings to do more of them. A lot of it is in how well you understand what the client wants and then develop the relationships with everyone involved to deliver that vision for the build.

What else gives you pleasure in the work you do?

As long as I get a good relationship with the client and the architect, everything else seems to go smoothly.

If you can't form good relationships, you're up against it from day one.

And I like to get a good work relationship with the subbies because they can make your life easy or hard. I’m all for an easy life.… When you’re all on the same page, the job seems to go go a lot smoother as well.

What is the greatest source of tension?

I think the challenges we’re facing with rising costs of materials and labour and delays in getting materials—these are challenges for everyone at the moment. Those things make it all the more important for people to be able to discuss them and be realistic about the impact on a project.

How much satisfaction is there in seeing the finished work?

The satisfaction for me really is to give the client the house they want. To see it come from paper or nothing on the ground, to put something there and know that you were part of that.

It’s not just at the end, but throughout the project to see clients’ reactions when they come and look around the site and see it coming together. That is great.

It can be quite challenging for clients to imagine it as a finished home, but you can help them see it.

I always take pictures and show everybody just to get their reaction… that’s the main thing is just getting people’s reaction, you know, and saying yeah, it looks amazing. But seeing that the client is really happy… that goes a long way and that means a lot to me.

As a site manager, Mark Adamson has guided the progress of many distinctive new builds and conversions in the region, creating homes that delight their owners and create lasting landmarks.