Lee Goodall

Site Foreman

What is the most important aspect of any build?

I think first and foremost, my job is to deliver what the client wants. The architect also has has a role to play, so our mission if you like, is to work with the architect, but listen to client as well because at the end of the day, they’re the ones that are going to be living with it, and they’re paying for it for that matter.

Does it matter that everyone gets on?

I think sometimes if you’ve got a good relationship with a client, they can tend to be a little bit more open to suggestion and ideas, which could help things on the project. There are times when you get a set of drawings and things pop up that are not on the drawing, and you have to get over certain issues and problems. 

I think if you've got a good relationship with client and architect they're a little bit more open to suggestion that you could work around these things and it all goes more smoothly.

Do you ever need to think about the neighbours?

When you do projects in residential areas, I always make a point of keeping good relationships with the neighbours, because it means a lot to the client—obviously at the finish, the client is left with whatever the neighbours feel about the project. So if the neighbours have had minimal disturbance that helps a lot.

It's not always possible, I suppose, but if you can strike up a good relationship with the neighbours it does make for a better, smoother project.

There are also occasions, if it’s a close neighbour, where we might want to borrow a little bit of ground or something needs to go overhead—if you’ve got a good relationship they’re usually acceptable of those situations.

How challenging is it to deliver a project that pleases everyone?

Progress is the hardest thing. It depends on the job, but sometimes there are things you can’t control, like delays in getting materials. We’ve learned to work around these things to keep the build moving and to really deliver at the end.

Lee Goodall began as a labourer then trained as a carpenter before becoming a site foreman. He has a reputation for keeping a happy site and producing a high quality finish on all his projects.