Our Approach

We could start by telling you we’re really good at building...
But the truth is, anyone can put pretty pictures up on a website and claim to be brilliant.

Hopefully our pretty pictures, and the fact we have been around in one form or another since 1971, gives you some confidence in our ability.

What we’re really good at is helping you on the journey... 

The Journey

How do we do that?
With Sandlings, it’s more than just bricks and mortar.

Our experience has taught us that the vital ingredient to a successful project is the quality of working relationships.

Choose the wrong builder and your project will be painful. It won’t be if you choose us.

We like people and therefore will work closely with you and your architect or advisors to foster a friendly but professional relationship.

We like a simple life as much as you do.

Happy Clients

Our Commitments

Three key things set us apart from the competition...

Advice & Enlightenment

Sure, we can give you a price.

Controlling it is the bedrock of any project.

But what’s equally important to us is that you end up with the finished product you want.

We believe it’s critical we understand what you’re trying to achieve and that means getting inside the job as soon as possible.

Give us a call - we love to bounce ideas around.

We’ll even tell you if your ambitions are unrealistic or just too downright whacky.


Throughout the journey, communication is vital.

From the first conversation about your project, to the day we finally leave you in peace, we guarantee open, honest and timely communication.

On key issues, we’ll never pass you on to a team in an office somewhere.

Our top man, Bob Page, has personal and ultimate responsibility for all our projects.

By the time we’ve finished, you’ll know him pretty well. Don’t worry, he’s a nice guy so that’s a good thing!


Building beautiful, innovative, sustainable or quirky projects is second nature to us.

But we realise it may not be second nature to you. We respect that, and will work hard to demystify the process.

We also understand what it means to let us into your home or office. Your castle.

And we promise to treat you, and it, with the utmost respect.

Yes, we’ll have to break some eggs to make that omelette, but we’re really good at washing up afterwards.

What people say about us...

"I was worried about engaging a builder for my house extension as I had heard many stories from my friends. After several recommendations we went with SEH French Building (now Sandlings) and we are very happy with that choice.

Bob is very easy to work with and helped keep the project, including us, on target. We are very pleased with our home and wish them every success in the future."

PN - Woodbridge
Drop us a line, we'd love to help!

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